A 2015 article in Forbes magazine (“7 Ways Meditation Can Actually Change the Brain”, by Alice Walton, Forbes.com) noted that meditation improves memory and concentration, helps reduce stress, anxiety and social anxiety, improves mood and emotional wellbeing, helps reduce addiction, decreases feelings of craving and helps our youth in school. With all those benefits (just to name a few!), why wouldn’t you do it?

At Oneness Wellbeing, we consider meditation a game-changer in almost all aspects of life and include it in many of our programmes, from one-on-one sessions, to retreats, seminars, transformative travel programmes and just about everything we do. Our experienced meditation teachers will guide you through the basics and help you master this ancient technique for gaining self-mastery, getting control and self-discipline back into your life and experiencing overall wellness at every level of your being.

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