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Looking for a delicious and nutritious protein powder with plenty of side benefits? We have chosen Organic Hemp Gold Protein Powder as our November 'Product of the Month" due to its complete amino acid profile, chemical-free, organic processing, outstanding taste as well as many superb benefits. Hemp is one of the only ways to naturally acquire omega nine, a fatty acid that is critical for myelin sheath production and general brain health. In addition, hemp protein has the following benefits:
  • Enhancing immune health
  • Increasing energy levels
  • Strengthening the hair
  • Giving luster to the skin
  • Reducing inflammation and improving digestion
  • Building lean muscles and repairing muscle tissue
  • Conditioning the scalp
  • Regulating cholesterol and fighting heart disease
  • Curbing hunger cravings and improving digestion.
Organic Hemp Gold Protein powder can be used for smoothies, baked goods such as snack bars and desserts, as a topping on cereal or even to enhance nut pastes or spreads.

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